Sleep Disorders That May Signify Your Child is Sick

Sleep disorders are common to people of all ages. Such disturbances can have harmful effects on a child’s health. In addition, these disorders in children can signify an underlying health problem. Here are some sleep disorders that may indicate your child is sick.


Children suffering from this disorder find it difficult to fall or stay asleep. Insomnia is associated with psychiatric or medical conditions. Short-term insomnia in children signifies stress, illness, or pain. Make sure your children receive medical check-ups if they are experiencing insomnia.

Sleep Apnoea

This is a sleeping disorder that happens when breathing is irregular during sleep. Children with untreated apnoea find it difficult to breathe during their sleep. It is essential to have children treated if they have this kind of disorder. Sleep experts such as Huckleberry can help you solve a problem that has been dogging your child for a long time. This will help to give them a good night’s sleep and to avoid recurrent awakenings.


This is a neurological sleeping disorder. It affects the control of wakefulness and sleep—children with this type of disorder experience intermittent episodes of sleep and excessive sleepiness during the day. Many narcolepsy cases remain undiagnosed and untreated. Make sure your children are treated if they have such a condition.

REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder

Children with this type of disorder act out their dreams while sleeping. This condition may cause danger to the victim and anyone around them. Such children can hit, scream, punch, talk or shout while asleep. Children with this type of disorder may hurt themselves if the condition is not treated quickly. This condition is treated with medication.